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Yes, this t-shirt will stay on the floor. What better way to admire this object of undeniable beauty that will only gain value through the ages. Each of these pieces is slightly different in order to confuse the historians of the future on this entity called La Générale De Cinéma, the same one that revolutionized the world of communications and the very way of watching films. For centuries and centuries, no one will be able to look at a cow without thinking of them.
What is an exceptional person recognized for? Pin's of course. And what more exceptional than these Lowtech Factory pin's (first version of La Générale De Cinema) "Now With Real Vegemite". A quality artefact announcing the association between the Vegamine Franchise and those "enfants terribles" of the movie world. Very limited quantity. A piece of historical anthology on your chest. Do not be afraid to show your pin.
Who can claim to have bought something at the Cadorette Musique Store? Have tried some of their wonderful dubious products? No one! Except you maybe Nobody will be able to put your word in doubt since you have the t-shirt only available from Cadorette Musique Store, located for more than 37 years at 22 Rue Principale in St-Amond-Du-Fleuve. As an added bonus, an official photograph signed by Régis Cadorette himself.
La trame sonore remastériser au Monotone Sound Studio du célèbre chefs-d’œuvre de Jordgubbe Rabarber. Est-il possible d'être plus classique que les classiques? D'être plus culte que le culte ? Si l'on peut prouver hors de tout doute que oui, Le Vegamite De Rabarber Jorgube en est la preuve. Bien sûr il ne reste que des bribes de ce chef-d’œuvre Astonien mais la bande sonore elle, est toujours disponible bien qu'en exclusivité à La Générale De Cinéma. Revivez ce moment phare du cinéma moderne.
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